Education Law Consortium
Education Law and Policy Forum National Student Conference Researchers and Affiliates Institute of Higher Education
Forum, Vol. 2 (2006)

Faculty Academic Freedom: Faculty as Employees and Citizens
Louis M. Benedict     
Bowling Green State University

Shaking the Foundations of Good Citizenship: Can a U.S. Public School Opt Out of Preparing its Students to be Adult Citizens?
Caroline E. Branch  
Emory University School of Law

Taking the Wheel: Commonalities and Lessons from Mayoral and State Takeovers of Urban School Districts
Catherine G. Brandt

Emory University

Checks and Balances: Why a Federal Agency Should Monitor State-Administered Standardized Testing Processes
Jade Caines
Emory University

Academic Student Dismissals at Public Institutions of Higher Education:  When is Academic Deference Not an Issue?
Joseph M. Flanders
University of North Dakota

Policing in the Principal's Office: Are DC Public Schools Becoming Part of the Justice System?
Megan Freismuth

American University, Washington College of Law

"An Intellectual Production:"Influence of Law and Policy on Faculty Ownership of Copyright
in Massachusetts and New Jersey

Michael W. Klein

New York University

Recent Decision:  Supreme Court Declines to Award Expert Witness Fees to Prevailing Parties in IDEA Litigation, Arlington Central School District Board of Education v. Murphy, 125 S. Ct. 2455 (2006)
Lori M. Leonardo

University of Georgia

Student on Student Sexual Harassment: Emerging Standards in the Law
Fulya Marsh and Martha Glass

Virginia Tech

Parental Rights in the Schools: Do They Exist After Palmdale?
Meghan Dougherty Marino

University of Georgia

The Founding of the University of Washington Law School and its Place in the Evolution of
Legal Education

Laura Meyers

University of Washington
Does No Child Left Behind Leave Parents Behind?
Shakira O'Kane
Emory University

Six Reasons for Educational Resource Equality
Isaiah O'Rear
University of Georgia

A Safe Place to Learn: Protecting Students from Anti-gay Abuse
J. Michael Petty

University of Georgia

A Step in the Wrong Direction: How the Holdings in Schaffer and Arlington Central Have
Strayed From IDEA’s Purpose

Rena Bector Purohit
Emory University School of Law

School Financing Lawsuits: The Way out of the Fog or Just Blowing Smoke?
Sonja Ralston Elder
Duke University

The Legal Implications of Legislatively Mandated Automated External Defibrillators in
Educational Settings

Andrew R. Roszak
Southern Illinois University

When Students Pass but Schools Fail: The Negligent Failure to Teach Students to Read
Kimberly Walters-Parker
University of Kentucky

I Plead the Fourth: The Unconstitutionality of X-ray Screeners in Public Schools
Rachel L. Weiner
American University, Washington College of Law

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