Education Law Consortium
Education Law and Policy Forum National Student Conference Researchers and Affiliates Institute of Higher Education
Forum, Vol. 2 (2006)

Institutional Liability for the Sexual Crimes of Student-Athletes: A Review of Case Law and Policy Recommendations
Joy Blanchard
University of Georgia

Public Academic Libraries and a Regulated Academy: Is There an Opening for an Entrepreneurial Spirit?
Monica Brooks
Marshall University

The Multicultural School Bus: Is Bilingual Education Driving our Students, and our Nation, Towards Failure?
Pilar del Mazo

University of Georgia

The Yeast of Schaffer v. Weast: Proper Ingredients to Raise Parental Involvement in Baking Individualized Education Programs
Tai Du
University of Oklahoma

Dumbing Down America: How the High-Stakes Testing Requirements of the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 Impair the Very Students that the Regulations Target to Help
Danielle Flores
American University

A Case For Idea Preemption of State Common-Law Tort Claims Based on Special Education Students’ Infliction of Serious Bodily Injury Upon Another at School
Curtis Gonzalez

DePaul University

Examining the Least Restrictive Environment Provision of the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act
Amy Hansen

Chicago- Kent College of Law

Is the NCAA to Blame for the “Diploma Mill ” Dilemma? More Importantly - Who Can Stop It?
Mark Hicks

Vermont Law School

A Practical Handbook for Understanding Sexual Harassment Under Title IX
Mark Jones

University of Georgia

What Makes a Highly Qualified Teacher? The State of the Teacher Certification Debate after the Federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
Anita Kumar

University of Georgia

A Teacher’s Legal Dilemma

Robert Lane

University of Georgia

Financial Aid , Study Aid, and First Aid: The Growing Responsibility of Higher Education Institutions Facing the Mental Health Needs of Suicidal Students
Jessica Mallanda

University of Georgia

Pushing String Uphill: Lessons in Interbranch Communication from School-Finance Litigation
See also:  Interest-Based Alternatives to School-Finance Litigation - originally published as 5 Rutgers Conflict Res. L.J. 2 and reprinted with permission
Micah McOwen
Georgetown University

Is Inclusion Missing the Whole Idea?
Jessica Najjar

University of Georgia

Rethinking Student Press in the 'Marketplace of Ideas' After Hosty:
The Argument for Encouraging Professional Journalistic Practices
Jacob H. Rooksby
University of Virginia

Educating Homeless Children in the United States:
Are We Succeeding?

Lauren Scott
Penn State University, Dickinson

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