Education Law Consortium
Education Law and Policy Forum National Student Conference Researchers and Affiliates Institute of Higher Education
Forum, Vol. 1 (2005)

Vouchers and Vespers: The Need for an Uncertain Change in School Voucher Programs
Ashley Alderman and Kathleen Hart
University of Georgia

The First Amendment Rights of Student Publications in Higher Education: A Look into Policy Implications of the Student Press
Danielle J. Alsandor
University of Texas

The Dangerous Lives of Teachers
Christopher Anderson
University of Georgia

The Discriminatory Effects of High-Stakes Testing in Georgia: Exploring Causes and Solutions
Melissa Barnes
University of Georgia

¿Educación solamente en Inglés? ¡No gracias! Protecting Bilingual Education in Georgia in the Wake of the No Child Left Behind Act and the Anti-Bilingual Education Movement
Amelie Bredas and Melissa Haun
University of Georgia

Innocence Lost and No Remedy to Be Found: A New Standard for Section 1983 Supervisory Liability in the Context of Sexual Abuse of Students in Public Schools
Betsy Buchanan
University of Georgia

Public University and Affiliated Foundation Relationships: Balancing Control and Autonomy
Rebecca L. Cady
Georgetown University

Athens v. Jerusalem; A Study of the Conflict Between Student Religious Organizations and the Public University's Institutional Value of Diversity
Jon Carroll
University of Florida

Home Schooled Students' Perceptions in Public School Extracurricular Activities: A Proposed Solution for Georgia
Amy Combs
University of Georgia

Dangerous Liaisons: Patent Law and University Research
Adam Conrad
University of Georgia

Giving Teachers the Tools to Teach: Training in Liability Issues and its Potential for Enhancing Working Conditions and Reducing the Nationwide Teacher Shortage
Elisabetta Daneu
Suffolk University

Institutional Policy Recommendations Regarding Mandatory Student Fees
Nathan J. Daun-Barnett
University of Michigan

No Child Left Behind--Except Poor and Minority Students
Courtney Dredden
University of Virginia

The Georgia Charter School Act of 1998: Staying True to the General Principles Embraced by the Charter School Movement
Santana Flanigan
University of Georgia

Tinker's Material World:  How The Supreme Court's First Amendment Student Speech Precedent Fails To Confront Indiscriminate Acts Of Violence In Schools
Erik Johnson
Robert Fortson
University of Georgia

Achieving the Idea of the I.D.E.A.: Psychological Services
Wendy Furey
University of Georgia

Statutes of Limitations & the 2004 IDEA Reauthorization: The Good, the Bad, and the Unintended Consequences
Meredith R. George
Emory University

The Politics of Sex Education
Marc Ginsberg
University of Georgia

Institutional Autonomy and Public Institutions of Higher Education
David L. Guevara
University of Notre Dame

“Bad Policy and Bad Law”: The Shortcomings of the No Child Left Behind Act in Bilingual Educational Policy and its Frustration of the Equal Protection Clause
Benjamin Hillner
Villanova University

Institutionally-related Foundations And Their Universities: How Can Administrators Plan Ahead For Issues That Lurk?
Jennifer L. Hurwitz
University of Nevada, Las Vegas

First Amendment Associational Rights in Higher Education: May Institutions Impose Non-Discrimination Requirements as a Condition of Access to Campus?
Neal H. Hutchens
University of Maryland

Tinker’s Material World:  How the Supreme Court’s First Amendment Student Speech Precedent Fails to Confront Indiscriminate Acts of Violence in Schools
Erik Johnson
Robert Fortson
University of Georgia

Public School Finance Reform in the United States and New Jersey, with an Analysis of Three Abbott Districts
Lisa A. Junghahn
Rutgers University – Camden

Academic Freedom on the Internet: The Uncharted Course of Intellectual Freedom in the Information Age
Eunyoung Kim
University of Illinois

Prayer in Our Public Schools: Is there Room at the Inn
Danielle Logan
University of Georgia

Take Comfort: Diversity is More Compelling in Primary and Secondary Schools
Chris McKnight
Northwestern University

The 2004 IDEA: In the Wake of the No Child Left Behind Act
Alefia Mithaiwala
University of Georgia

Town and Gown: The D.C. Board of Zoning Adjustment Interferes in College and University Decision Making
Cathryn R. Milkey
University of Notre Dame

School Discipline and Educationally Disabled Students 
Gineen O’Neil
Northern Illinois University

Teaching Tolerance for Homosexuality in Public Schools
Stephanie Parson
University of Georgia

Stating the Case and Proposing the Plan for Moderate Tuition/High Aid at the University of Georgia
Kathy R. Pharr
University of Georgia

Structural Changes to Improve the Efficacy of Accountable Autonomy in Chicago Public Schools
Alex Pyke
University of Virginia

Perfecting the Paddle: Michel Foucault’s Genealogy of Disciplinary Power, the Decline of Corporal Punishment in Schools, and the Move toward More Pervasive Forms of Discipline
James E. Radford
University of Georgia

The Devout Valedictorian and Lee v. Weisman: Where the Court Should Go Next
Chris Ramsey
University of Georgia

No Private Right of Action Under No Child Left Behind: A Case for Schools
Alexis L. Rinehart
University of Georgia

Away at College: Young, Drunk, and Busted: College and University Parental Notification Policies
Edgar M. Smith
University of Georgia

Criminal Liability, Failure to Report Child Abuse, and School Personnel: An Examination of History, Policy and Caselaw
Daniel Swinton
Brigham Young University (presently at Vanderbilt University)

Innocence Lost and No Remedy to Be Found: A New Standard for Section 1983 Supervisory Liability in the Context of Sexual Abuse of Students in Public Schools
Betsy Tanner
University of Georgia

The Current Status of Protection Afforded to Homosexual Students who Fall Victim to Peer Sexual Orientation Discrimination: Are Our Schools Condoning Harassment by Their Inaction?
Suzanne Temple
University of Georgia

The HOPE Scholarship and the Law of Unintended Consequences
Matt R. Thompson
University of Georgia

Who Let the Dogs In: Canine Drug Detection in Public Schools After Illinois v. Caballes
Andrew J. Tuck
University of Georgia

An Analysis of Issues Related to Celebratory Riots at Higher Education Institutions
Jeffrey M. Van Slyke
University of Texas at Austin

Texas Top 10% Admissions Law: Paragons for Policy Change
Pedro Villarreal III
Pennsylvania State University

Hoop Jumping: Overcoming Obstacles to School Vouchers in Georgia
Jeffrey L. Williamson
University of Georgia

Academic Freedom And The Legitimate Pedagogical Concern Of Producing Students Who Are Strong Critical Thinkers
Eric B. Wilmer
Chicago-Kent College of Law

An Uncertain Heritage: Tinker, Fraser, and the Confederate Flag
C. Knox Withers
University of Georgia

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