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The Education Law and Policy Forum solicits, selects, and disseminates papers written by graduate and professional students nationally, including in their education law and policy courses and including both legal- and policy-based analyses related to primary, secondary, and higher education.

The Forum identifies the best student work at the intersection of education, law, and policy. We intend for the Forum to be a readily accessible electronic clearinghouse for relevant research for use by both scholars and students and practicing administrators and faculty at all levels of education. The Forum is indexed and has a function to allow users to search the site to access fully-downloadable papers.

We invite student authors to craft their work for publication with the Internet in mind. They are able to update their work as the law evolves – an important consideration that requires cumbersome fixes in traditional journals but that the Internet is perfectly suited to address with relative ease. And users will be able to take full advantage of the immediate access to the freshest content that the Internet enables.

It also invites selected students to an annual national student conference in Athens, Georgia to present their work.  Members of the Education Law Consortium (ELC) faculty at the Institute of Higher Education, University of Georgia select the papers to be included, either in the electronic journal that we launched in Fall, 2005 or for both the e-journal and the annual student conference that we will hold in Athens in 2007 on September 21-22.

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